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Leather cuff-links - Card suits


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High quality, stylish and luxurious cuff-links with hand crafted leather insert.

These cufflinks are bespoke and are handmade to suit your personal requirements.

Simply select the colour (Tan or Brown) and select which suit (clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds) that you want displayed on each cufflink. You may have a different suit in each or two of the same suit in both.

Ideal for 3rd Wedding Anniversary gift, Bridegroom gift and Groomsmen gift, Birthday gift, Father's Day gift, Christmas gift or just as a quality accessory.

The natural vegetable tanned cowhide leather is hand stamped with my uniquely designed stamps, hand dyed and lacquered leather insert.
Mounted into Rhodium plated Cuff-link bodies.

The cuff-links are delivered in a presentation box.

Colour: Antique Tan or Brown with a silver coloured body
Size: the insert is 16mm diameter

Cuff-link body: Rhodium is a hard silver coloured metal which is a member of the platinum family and is used for white gold. It is tarnish resistant.

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