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Mobile phone belt pouch


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Hand made and hand stitched leather, mobile phone pouch.

This phone pouch is belt mounted, suitable for 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" wide belts.
It is designed to hold mobile phones with or without phone cases or gel cases.
The sides curve inwards which hold the phone snugly and stop it from rattling around.
The pouch has one belt loop on the reverse and is kept closed with a velcro.

The phone pouch is sized to suit your phone and hand made to order. 
Orders take approximately 1 week to complete prior to posting.
Please add the overall size of your phone in centimetres in the available boxes.
If the phone is to be kept in a phone case or gel case then please add the overall sizes of the case with the phone in it. 

Made from 2.5 - 3mm thick vegetable tanned leather
Colours: Antique brown, antique tan or black.
Overall size will be:     Width of phone/case plus 2cm approx. 
                                    Length of phone/case plus 1.5cm approx. (when closed)
                                    thickness of phone/case plus 2cm approx. 

Note: the pouch shown in the photos is antique brown.
Please note: This price is for mobile phones up to 18cm long x 8.5cm wide x 1.5cm thick. 

For larger dimensions please message me on https://briankerrigan.co.uk/contact/ for a quote. 

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