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Knife pouch suitable for the Opinel No 8 folding knife


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Leather belt pouch, suitable for holding the Opinel No 8 folding knife.
Fits 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" wide belts.
Hand made, hand dyed and hand stitched.

Please note: This is not an Opinel product, this pouch has been designed to carry and protect my own Opinel No 8 folding knife. 

Made from 1.5 to 2mm thick leather, hand stitched with a belt loop on the back.
Sized to take folded knife handles up to 11cm long x 3cm wide x 2.2cm deep.
The top is fastened with a press stud.

The sides are stitched to curve inwards and hold the knife snugly and allow the top of the knife to protrude above, which enables easy removal.
The sides also allow air flow around the knife reducing any moisture build up within the pouch.
Colour:             Dark brown or black
Dimensions:     Height = 12cm, width = 4cm, depth = 3.5cm

Ideal for your folding knife,  keeping it easily accessible.
Requires only one hand to remove and replace.

With this pouch, your knife does not take up pocket space or get lost in the bottom of a bag or backpack.

Please note: Folding knife not included with the item, (they are shown for display only).

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