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Leather Belt Harness for the Loadmaster shotgun cartridge holder


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This belt harness is designed to hold the Loadmaster shotgun cartridge on a waist belt.

There are two harness sizes, one to hold the larger 40 cartridge Loadmaster unit and one to hold the shorter, 28 cartridge Loadmaster unit.
Please specify which unit you are purchasing the harness for.

Mounting the Loadmaster on a waist belt, relieves the users' shoulder of the weight of the full cartridge holder, while the weight is transferred directly through belt, to the hips.

Even if used together with the shoulder strap for extra stabilisation, with the waist belt properly tightened, the majority of the weight can be taken by the belt.

The Loadmaster slides snugly into the harness and is kept in place by tight fit and the lower flap on the Loadmaster which feeds through the back of the harness, then passes beneath it.
This allows the flap to be used unimpeded as before and allows clear access to the cartridges when the flap is open.
There are no attachments or modifications required to the Loadmaster.
The harness has two leather belt loops at the back which stabilise the unit when on the belt.
The belt loops are designed to accommodate belts up to 2 inches wide.

Made from high quality 2.5mm thick vegetable tanned leather which is hand dyed before a waterproofing wax finish is applied.
The harness is hand made, hand cut, hand dyed and hand stitched.

The belt is not included and Loadmaster cartridge holder is not included.

Please note: This harness is not a Loadmaster product but has been designed specifically to hold the Loadmaster cartridge holders.

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