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Personalised Keyring


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Personalised Leather Keyring.

The perfect gift for all occasions.

Names, dates, words and numbers can be laser etched into one or both sides of the leather fob.

With up to 15 characters either side, this keyring can be purchased as a unique personal gift, or a practical item to identify keys.

Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, valentines day, Mother's Day, Father's day, New house gift, New car gift, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife.

These keyrings can have the following added :

Names;     (e.g.:  James, Sue, Alex, Wendy, Michael, I ♥ John   etc)

Dates;        ( e.g.;  6 October 1999,  23/01/2016,  28-12-75 etc)

Number plates;    (e.g:   CRT 15 V, D14 FRD etc)

Descriptions;     (e.g.:  Front door, Toolshed, Gate, Tractor, Workshop etc)

Text:   (e.g.:   I ♥ surfing,  I ♥ darts, I ♥ steam, I ♥ horses  etc)

Uses;    (e.g.;   Pump, Gas, Generator  etc)

The rivetted leather forms a loop which can easily be hung from a hook or from a belt (up to 2 inches wide) for easy access.


width:                 17mm

overall length: 118mm

Ring size:            25mm diameter

Made from vegetable tanned leather, it is hand dyed after the wording is added.

The keyring is finished with a nickel plated rivet and 25mm diameter keyring.

Available in the following colours: 



Antique Tan 

Antique Saddle Tan

Spanish Brown

Antique Brown

Antique Mahogany * (see note)

Red * (see note)

Green * (see note)

* Note:  Antique mahogany, red and green colours are dark and therefore have less contrast with the lettering than the photos show on screen.

Text is available in 6 different fonts, all text is approximately 6mm high:

Copper Plate 

Old English



RUBBER STAMP  (Only available in capitals)

WESTERN    (Only available in capitals)

Postage and delivery:

Please allow 3 days for your order to be completed prior to posting.

Your orders will be posted using Royal Mail.

Postage normally takes approximately 3 days.


Please select colour required from the menu above. (See photo for colours)

Please select Font required from the menu above. (See photo for fonts available)


Please add the text, numbers, date etc which you require.

Add the text for the first side, then type ///, then add the text for the second side.

example:  Jonathan /// Toolshed

If you only require text on one side just add the text as normal.

example: Jonathan

Please use upper case and lower case letters as you would like them shown (Except for Western and Rubber Stamp Fonts which are only available in upper case)

      NOTE: I can only fit 15 characters per side including spaces and punctuation.

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