Leatherwork by Brian Kerrigan


- Plain -

Plain items are used mainly for belts. 

Plain items are made from natural vegetable tanned leather which is then hand dyed or made from chrome dyed (pre-dyed) leathers. These do not have any patterns on the surface.

Normally only my chrome dyed items are plain as they are not suitable for stamping or carving due to the smooth uniform coloured finish from the tannery.

Plain vegetable tanned items can also be produced without patterns or carving but with decorated edges.

- Stamped -

Stamped or hand tooled leather items are used in many different applications: for belts; bracelets; sun visors and stools and anywhere where large plain areas will benefit from being decorated.

Stamps refer to the small tools which are repeatedly impressed into the leather surface to create large hand tooled patterns such as the "basket weave". All of my stamped items are hand crafted/ hand tooled leather with patterns designed by myself

- Carved -

Carved and hand tooled tooled leather items are created by sketching a pattern or drawing, transferring this to the leather surface, then carving the main feature lines into the surface of the leather and using a range of special tools, compressing the surface of the leather locally to create a 3D effect. 

Please note: all the patterns and carvings are designed  and hand crafted/ hand tooled by myself, they are not pressed into the leather by machine.

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